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By , February 10, 2012 2:55 pm

It all began in a basement in New Jersey..so many things do. As a 12 year old punker, i discovered that i could keep a steady beat, and that i didn’t mind blood-blisters, so i switched from guitar to drums… Over the next few years i made a small mark on the NJ/NYC punk scene. I played in bands with names like; “Skid”, “Hollow Bodies”, and “Catalan”. One group that i was in, Expletive Deleted managed to get a gig opening for Suicidal Tendencies at CBGB’s..i was only 13, and too young to be in that club, so my mom had to call and beg the owner (Hilly) to let me in. At 16 or so, i moved on to Progressive rock.. and Rouse was born. A remarkable synthesis of King Crimson/Primus/Red Hot Chili Peppers, but alas, no vocals.. we were doomed to obscurity.

Skip ahead..college in Vermont/girlfriends/road trips/drug experimentation/Eastern philosophy……5 or 6 pretty blurry years there.

Eventually i got it together, and got serious. I enrolled in the New School Jazz Program in NYC, and got my butt kicked through studies with Horace Arnold, Pheroan Aklaff, Charlie Persip, Bob Gullotti, and many others. I had the good fortune to play with a wide variety of musicians during those few years in New York; Thomas Chapin, Arnie Lawrence, Sam Furnace, Curtis Fowlkes, among others. I also worked with singer/songwriter Michael Kroll, and the outstanding Alt-Country pioneer, Nina Nastasia. With performances at legendary clubs such as Sweet Basil, The Jazz Standard, Smalls, and The Knitting Factory, i learned alot..

As a temporary move to Vermont became permanent, i joined the Jazz Mandolin Project, and toured the US and Europe for several years. Some standout gigs were; several sold out nights at NYC’s Knitting Factory, The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, Stubbs in Austin, TX, The North Sea Jazz Fest in Holland, and the Pori Jazz Fest in Finland.
In the last 6 years i’ve toured in Europe, Canada, and the US, and have also begun teaching. I’ve recently performed with; Gordon Stone, Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Grace Potter, The Jazz Passengers, Adam Kolker, Will Bernard, No Glue, Marco Benevento, Karl Berger, Ernie Watts, Ike Willis, www.vorcza.com.

oh, and thanks for reading all that.

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